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What a week!!! Keeping in mind I cannot change the past but I can move on and look forward to what God has in store for me.
I had a whole week to take a test..I put off until the last day..hummmm more like today. I barely picked up my book this week, but by the grace of God I passed my test with an 84. I am sure I would have aced it if I had put more time into studying.

Finally after 18 months of no chemicals or heat to my hair, I had a color and flatiron done to my hair. I was quite surprised how it turned out. My son asked if I had extensions, I quickly and proudly said no. I am very happy with my hair. I will still rock my fro and twist most of the time…however if you know me, it really depends on how I feel and what mood I am in..LOL

I got up at 6:00 yesterday to watch the Royal Wedding. Was it spectacular or what!!! What a beautiful couple. Kate’s dress was absolutely amazing, it was simple yet elegant. She looked absolutely stunning. I am sure Princess Diana was looking down on them with joy in her heart.

Today I have done nothing other than take my test. Well I did wash a load of clothes which are still in the washer. Hubby has been outside working on our garden. I will have to post pictures of the garden later.

I guess I need to put the clothes in the dryer and load my second load…be back later


The Beginning of my Journey

My natural hair journey started quite incidentally. I was just fed up with paying $65.00 every two weeks to get my hair washed and set; most of the time by the end of the first week you could not even tell I’ve been to the hair salon. Then it was a average of $100.00 every six weeks for a touch up, so add that up it was roughly $1280+annually just for hair maintenance. Then you had to be concerned about the rain amongst other things which entailed the words “Humphf, I just got my hair done”, if you know what I mean LOL.

With this being said, I have not had a perm in my hair since January and I am loving every minute of it. At first my family was a bit reluctant to accept the new natural me, and so was I. Many days I got up and had no idea of what I wanted to do with my hair, I was absolutely clueless.

Initially, I tried flat ironing my hair myself, but being left handed turned out to be quite a handicap for me, I would get one side of my hair nice and straight and the other side kinky; what a hot mess. So, I started plaiting my hair at night, I would take it loose in the morning which created a sorta of curly fro. I did this for quite a while until my assistant and another coworker decided to join me on my natural hair journey. It at this point, some times during the summer months I got really serious about this natural hair thing. The two of them did all the research on different products and styles, they are quite good at it too :). One of the most comical moments was they were trying to teach me to co-wash, and for months, I thought they were saying cold wash, I was like what the heck is cold wash until the really broke it down and told me it was cowash, in other words a conditioning wash.

Right now my regiment is cowash twice a week, wear twist one day and twist out the next. Some days I just rock a fro. I am not able pull my hair back at this point, plus my edges are still a bit thin, but I am getting there.

This is a recent picture of me 🙂

There a several book and websites I use a my resources, one book in particular is Curly Like Me by Terri LaFlesh, she also has a website, TightlyCurly.

a few websites I like:


There are a lot more which I will share as I go along.