What you do, do with joy

If you’re going to be doing something, do it with joy. Even if it’s not normally a joyful activity, you can add your own unique joy to it.

You can always choose to be positive and enthusiastic about life. No person, circumstance, or sequence of events can keep you down.

If you constantly fight against what you’re doing, you’ll make yourself miserable and you’ll destroy your effectiveness. That’s certainly not an outcome you would willingly choose.

So choose instead to put your own unique joy into whatever you’re doing. Make the experience a positive one just because you can.

Yes, there are plenty of problems and tragedies and no, life is not always pleasant. That’s precisely why it’s so powerful and important for you to add as much joy as possible to life.

In every activity and in every tiny corner of your world, put a little extra joy. You’ll quickly find it makes a big, big difference.

— Ralph Marston

Read more: http://greatday.com/#ixzz1JSUAneG1


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