Sometime I just want to punch somebody

in the face…well not really.

This sounds crazy but happily I went to work today, yes on a Saturday. We recently moved to a new office, the space that seven people are in is equivalent to the space my office assistance and I shared in our old building. You can actually hear another person breathing that is how close we are now. I absolutely hate our new office set up, but what can I do about it…absolutely nothing. Our old GM had plenty of opportunities to move us to much nicer space, yet we are stuck in a place in which the bathroom and file room are one and the same. We are crammed in this space like a can of sardines.
We have no place to eat, no place for meetings, no privacy, it is just simply messed up and I hate it.

Today was the first time since we moved in October, that I actually had a productive day. I enjoy my coworkers, but some days in the mist of all the laughter, personal phone calls, and constant interruptions, I simply get up from my desk and walk around.

I have this project that has been due for six months, I have put it off over and over again. Yes…I procrastinated so what.. most of the time I can jump right in and get the task done, but not this time…it seemed almost impossible until today. I completed over half of my project…YES!!!!

I got a feeling there will be a lot more Saturdays, if that is what I have to do so be it. A lot of my co workers are already working Saturdays…maybe that is how they stay ahead of the game. It wasn’t so bad..maybe I can convince my boss to let me work Tuesday through Saturday…nah I don’t think so…

I am sure in time I will learn how to adjust to all of the chaos..I keep praying ..God has not failed me yet…

I feel so much better now that I got this off my chest!!!!


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