Such a bad blogger

[b] I wondered would I be able to maintain this blog once I started it….Hummmm I am not doing to well huh…I promise to do a bit better. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and the new year is staring off great for you. I had a fantastic Christmas. My workload is throwing a curve into my new year, but my favorite saying is “it will be all right”. I am a woman of strong faith and God has shown me when these obstacles get in my way, He moves them, but it is only when I turn it over to Him. Soooo, as I go through this year, I refuse to let anything get in my way and hinder me…I will simply turn it over to Him.[/b]


One thought on “Such a bad blogger

  1. Hey, happy new year! I also have been wondering the same thing too as to how I’m gonna maintain my blog. It is a lot of hard work! But I think it will come easier & flow naturally in time based on our real life experiences that we want to share. Our experiences will already be there but I think the challenge really is to actually finding the time to write them & just finding creative ways to share them. But again in time, that will also improve! Have a great day!

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